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Gallant International is dedicated to protecting the environment with sustainable products for generations to come. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying ethically produced bags for all company functions and needs. We take pride in our product selection, level of quality, service, and customization. Made of the finest  100% organic cotton and manufactured at Fair Trade USA Certified Factory , our bags are personalized to align your values with your brand identity.


Gallant International is a premier supplier of high quality, all natural, highly customizable 100% Organic cotton bags and Fair Trade USA certified bags. We specialize in promotional and retail bags. Our mission is to better our environment with sustainable products while improving the lives of those who make them.

As partners of Fair Trade certified  factory, we strive to provide quality products that not only benefit the environment but the people who make them. Fair Trade awareness is at the core of our values and we intend on spreading it for generations to come. 

What’s different about us? We source the finest natural materials, including 100% organic cotton and  Jute  fabric. All our bags are bio-degradable, and vegan products. As the direct supplier, we offer products that are customized to your needs by style, design, and price. All our bags are made of 100% GOTS certified organic Cotton and made at Fair Trade USA certified factory. Our products includes but not limited to Promotional bags, Shopping bags, Lunch bags, Cosmetic bags and pouches, Drawstring bags, Wine bags, Grocery bags, Gift with purchase bags, Backpacks, Tote bags, Cross-body bags, Beach bags, Duffel bags, Weekender bags and more....

We are confident we can assist in sharing and telling your story while effectively branding your identity with products that we help bring to life. 

Global certifications and
standards complied by our partners


Social & Environmental Certifications


At Gallant we pride ourselves in providing quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable products. We work with suppliers that adhere to strict international manufacturing standards. That includes protecting the environment and workers.

For a more detailed explanation of the certifications and standards we support:

Fair Trade USA: Ensures that farmers and workers are paid a fair price for their labor. Consumers can be confident that their purchases are socially and environmentally responsible.

FairTrade Certification: Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade based on a partnership between producers and traders, businesses and consumers. The international Fairtrade system made up of Fairtrade International and its member organizations represents the worlds largest and most recognized fair trade system

FAIRTRADE Labeling Organization (FLO) Certification: FLO-CERT is an international certification company that is owned by Fairtrade International (FLO) but which is autonomous and operates independently. It is responsible for the inspection and certification of producers and suppliers that incorporate FairTrade Certification into their organization.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification: Worldwide leading processing standards for textiles made from organic fibres that maintain stringent ecological and social criteria. Only textile products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibers can become GOTS certified.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certification: eko-Tex Standard 100 Certification: Testing and certification system for textiles that limits the use of toxic chemicals which pose a danger to human health and the environment with a strong focus on sustainability.

Quality Assurance Certification (ISO 9001-2008): ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

Health and Safety Certification OHSAS 18001: OHSAS 18001 Standards focus on the commitment to ensuring the health and safety of workers and laborers.

Social Accountability Certification (SA 8000): The SA8000 is an auditable standard and verification system designed to ensure that basic workplace standards are met. The standard is based on international workplace norms established from the International Labor Organization Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. The basic elements include stipulations on child labor, forced labor, health and safety, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, discrimination, discipline, working hours, compensation, and management systems.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard Certification: ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard Certification: A management system that helps improve environmental performance, reduces costs, and cuts waste without sacrificing efficiency or service.

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We Value Fair Trade Manufacturing Processes and Ethics

As consumers become more aware of the impact their purchases can have on people and the environment, they are increasingly concerned with how products are made and by whom. This new trend is no longer only defined by fashionable products, but also by peoples’ conscious concern about how and where these goods are made. Society as a whole is paying more attention to manufacturing and agriculture,and the impact on farmers, factory workers and long-term sustainability. Thanks to organizations like Fair Trade USA, consumers are provided transparency and traceability in the global supply chain. Fair Trade CertifiedTM products ensure equitable trade practices by empowering workers and farmers with additional income, safe labor conditions, and a voice in the workplace, while also protecting the environment.


Environmental protection: 

Fair Trade CertifiedTM cotton products are free of genetically engineered ingredients and must be produced with limited and regulated amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. Water and energy waste is also regulated and properly managed.  At the factory level, Fair Trade CertifiedTM products must have an environmental management system in place to continually improve in their environmental footprints.

  • Manufacturing facilities are naturally lit during the day and utilize LED lights when naturally dark.
  • Wind energy is used by Turbo Ventilators to provide fresh air to factory workers around the clock.
  • Rainwater harvesting is a conservation process used to optimize natural resources and processes are designed to use as little water as possible.
  • A waste water treatment process is used to ensure that harmful pollutants are destroyed before water is released.
  • Manufacturing facilities are ISO 14000 compliant.

Workplace Ethics and Worker Empowerment: 

A big part of Fair Trade certification is the empowerment of workers and enforcing strict labor laws that protect workers and farmers along the supply chain. As we know, the apparel sector has had many challenges in improving the working conditions and pay of workers and cotton farmers. The sector has been plagued with instances of child and forced labor, factory fires, and manufacturing accidents. Fair Trade CertifiedTM products ensure the following:

  • Strictly prohibit forced child and slave labor
  • Require compliance with local minimum wages
  • Require safe and healthy workplace and dormitories
  • Ensure Women’s Rights, Equal Pay and Maternity Leave
  • Provide functional worker trainings andgrievance procedures
  • Develop a Fair Trade Committee, which promotes worker empowerment and facilitates democratic elections for the use of Fair Trade Premiums
  • Promote accountability and responsibility. Management learns to be more organized and open to their workforce.
  • Provide a Fair Trade Premium to workers: Fair Trade Premiums, paid by the Brands importing the products, are funds that go directly to a worker controlled bank account. The money is used by the workers for community development projects such as education, health programs and leadership training. The factory workers determine how the funds will be used through a democratic process.

Quality Products and Techniques:

  • Global Organic Textiles Standard and EKOTex certifications, ensure that products are made from 100% organic cotton that is produced without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Fair Trade Organic and regular cotton are used to produce bags in an ethically approved facility.
  • AZO-Free dyes are used in compliance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemical substances).
  • State of the art technology and exceptional printing techniques ensure consistency.
  • Recycled cotton scraps and other waste matter generated by the production processes are used to make handmade paper.

Is there a growing interest in Fair Trade products? Absolutely! Is there hope in ending Modern Slavery? Of course! As long as the trade continues to empowerproducers, farmers and workers and steps are taken towards real sustainability. But with all great changescomes greater challenges – there is a great need for third party verification organizations to ensure that industry is held accountable for their impacts. Also, greater involvement by social enterprises that are leaders in their industries will become more vital. Governments will also need to take a more active role in enforcing regulations as they cannot expect companies to run this massive initiative on their own. The key is to educate consumers about these initiatives as purchasing power is in their hands. Join us in making a difference- one that will impact generations to come.


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